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In the next five to ten years Industries will be preparing to adopt Industry 4.0 elements as they won’t be able to sustain without these technological advancements. The fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 has brought tremendous changes in the manufacturing process. It allows organisations to gather and analyse real-time information, enabling faster, more flexible and efficient processes, thereby enhancing and improving operations and production. 

Industry 4.0 offers better output, higher-quality products, and saves on downtime and operational costs. Industry 4.0 technologies aim at transforming industries into “Smarter factories”. In the future, organisations will look to transform into smart factories and smarter ways of handling data, understanding connected operations and have a more agile production process.

We at Lean Transition Solutions (LTS), have helped many of our customers to foresee their business growth and prepare them to adopt the manufacturing technology strategy. The collaboration of lean and Industry 4.0 brings forth the “factory of the future” allowing them to increase business opportunity value proposition for their customers and provide enhanced customer experience. Industry 4.0 gives businesses a smarter insight into their manufacturing process, supply chains, business performance, quality, safety and ease of doing business.

Many manufactures, not only from the UK but from around the globe, are struggling in the current pandemic and lockdown environment. But the smart manufactures have nailed this situation by leveraging the Industry 4.0 solutions in their manufacturing operations and found it easier to continue their production. As remote working is being practised, smarter technologies have helped many to control their production planning, inventory moves, shop-floor data capture and KPIs. The pandemic situation will boost the development of a ‘Dark factory’, one of the aspects of Industry 4.0, where no manpower is required.

LTS has a wide range of smart factory solutions that will help businesses to apply a “Bite-Size” approach to Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing.

Janus Data Capture is an Automated Shop-Floor Data Capture System that accelerates business processes, reduces errors and improves outputs, thereby saves cost. It will ensure that the organisation reaps the benefits of data capture without risking potential hazards. Using all types of sensors fitted to production equipment generating real-time data signals and transferred into easy to understand Data & Charts.

●  TITAN CMMS is a Computerised Maintenance Management System that enhances work order management, increases the life of equipment through scheduled preventive maintenance and generates custom reports. It enables the organisation to achieve Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) goals as well as Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). 

T-Card is an integrated production planning and execution software which provides solutions for production planning, employee scheduling and production execution.

Maximus ERP System is a cloud-based unified platform (Business System), made specifically for small and medium businesses. It combines all data-driven processes into a single interface and improves business insights and efficiency.

Data Point is more than a dynamic Balanced Scorecard software. It enables organisations to monitor and manage performance metrics (KPI’s) and strategy implementation to achieve future strategic goals.

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