Lean Industry 4.0: "Hybrid approach in lean manufacturing"

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Lean Industry 4.0 Approach: 

A  sustainable lean implementation means the continual need for on-going improvement, staying a profitable business means constant focus towards continuous improvement in productivity, efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction. Many companies have found lean management itself is not sufficient to address their operational excellence challenges.  

"The primary objective of the lean approach and Industry 4.0 is operational excellence." 

Lean Industry 4.0 is a hybrid approach which remains lean principles such as reducing waste in process and people, better visual organisation, reduce downtime and number of downtime. At the same time the need for integration of big-data mining, analytics, cloud computing, connected systems, augmented and virtual reality and advanced robotics. This digitalisation will enable proven lean tools with new methodologies to help manufacturers to reach new levels of operational excellence.  

"The integrated application of lean management and Industry 4.0 is the most effective way to reach the next level of operational excellence." 

How Lean Industry 4.0 contribute operational excellence?

Flexibility: Sensors and software enable more efficient changeovers

Productivity: Predictive algorithms to improve autonomous maintenance

Speed: Real-time data accelerate production management

Quality: Data-driven quality control supports self-inspection

Safety: Sensors and training in virtual reality improve working conditions

A BCG Study on Lean Industry 4.0 says:  

"Lean Initiative or Industry 4.0 is alone applied can reduce conversion costs by approximately 15% " 

"Integrated Lean Industry 4.0 approach reduce conversion cost by 40%" 

"The integrated approach can reduce costs related to poor quality by 20% and work-in-process inventory by 30%.”  

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For more information about BITE-SIZE Industry 4.0 for your organisation please contact Brett Griffiths, Director, Lean Transition Solutions, e-mail: [email protected]mobile: +44 7515 894 225

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