How a digital T-Card eases production processes?

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T-Card is a simple tool to record and track various manufacturing processes. In previous years, T-Cards were made of paper card and displayed manually on T-Card racks where they can be easily viewed, retrieved, and updated. However, the challenge always lies getting missing, lost or illegible writing. Digital T-Card software accurately keeps track of what takes place in the production process. A complete production schedule can be viewed at-a-glance. T-Cards can be assigned for each machine and can track the ongoing production processes. The physical/manual T-Card system limits the manufactures in many ways such as board size, card numbers, information on a card, misplacement of cards, loss or damage of cards, and biased production information.

Digital T-Card solves all these problems and provides more flexibility and transparency. LTS created the idea of a web-based solution for production planning, employee scheduling, and production execution in the evolution towards a lean Industry 4.0 environment. A digital T-Card software helps the manufacturer to establish a foundation for an Industry 4.0 environment. T-Card can effectively track and manage all production and related work order information through a single dashboard and ensures all the processes are completed accurately and on-time. The dynamic T-Card system records and analyses scrap reasons that occur during the production process. In short Digital T-Cards effectively manage the production process

T-Card software integrates with the other management information and ERP systems within the organisation. It provides a visual representation of the workflow, employee shift cycle, risk management, and reporting on downtime. The dynamic T-Card system allows manufacturers to easily create a work order, timeline activities, work status, and checksheet that helps them to improve the production process by optimising them.

Digital T-Cards are suitable for all kinds of organisations, especially for manufacturers that operate in multi-floors or large work floor spaces where you have to walk up to the wall to see the jobs. T-Card software provides complete end-to-end visibility of your workflow through i-Pads, TV Screens, Computer or Andons. With a T-Card one can assign a card to every job, task, or project, and cards can be customised to suit specific requirements. Monitoring the progress of each job is made easier. The Digital T-Card system overcomes physical limitations on the number of boards, columns, and slots. Many businesses are in the process of upgrading from manual T-Card systems to digital T-Card systems. They are simple to use, which means it is easier to pick up, and implementation is quick and easy.

How a digital T-Card eases production processes?

✔ Easy to track the manufacturing production flow

✔ Production planning and execution

✔ Manufacturing Order and Work Order management

✔ Prioritise all tasks

✔ Live Work Order status sync

✔ Foresees key information for different tasks

✔ Product specifications

✔ Manages different type of users

✔ Saves time and reduce cost

✔ Manages a checklist for each process

✔ Individual and team board view

✔ Detailed card information with specifications

✔ No data duplication

✔ Increased flexibility and process efficiency

✔ Centralised and accessible information

✔ Saves data entry time of employees

✔ Comprehensive process visibility and integrated operation

✔ Simplified IT administration

✔ Visual work order management system

✔ Timeline representation of the workflow

✔ Checksheets to ensure quality

✔ Work order status and percentage of completion

✔ Risk analysis of each task

✔ Real-time accessibility and insight

✔ Employee skills and availability

✔ Recording scrap number and scrap reason

✔ Real-time scrap reason analysis

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